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Jan 22, 2006 — Hey,

I am promoting this new site called StudentDemand.

It's liked Craig's list but for college campuses instead of cities.

Check it out. Post for free.


Alfie says:

StudentDemand.com is a free online community where students in colleges can buy, sell and/or exchange text books, find housing, post resumes and so much more.

The site was started due to frustration in not finding a place to sell old text books without having to sell back to the bookstore for a greatly reduced price. The basic idea was that students would buy used text books for cheaper than they could and sell books for more than they could through college bookstores.

That original idea was then expanded to everything we have on StudentDemand.com now—tickets, housing, jobs, internships, electronics.

Although StudentDemand.com's original idea has already been expanded, it is still being added to weekly.

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